1)How do I view Cheer Mixes?

Answer: Log in and a new menu will pop up on the main menu bar towards the top of the screen called
“Premade Cheer Mixes Menu.” From this menu you can search using the drop down options for mixes by length/time/genre…or click on the premade cheer mixes menu and then search by title or artist:)

*Note: We do not sell any mixes on www.PremadeCheerMixes.com. All sales and downloads will be conducted using the ligitmix software.

2) Do I have to purchase all songs that are in the mix?

Answer: Yes, if you don’t legally own the song already (needs to be in iTunes) you must purchase the source content before downloading your mix.  You will be prompted at time of checkout to either buy or submit your source music via the legitmix software. Using the legitmix software, and purchasing the source music from iTunes, provides a Safe and LEGAL way to buy your Cheer Music while supporting the Artists and Publishers at the same time!

Don’t forget…our mixes are for personal use/performances only!

3)Will I have to assemble the mix after buying?

Answer: No, the legitmix software will automatically recreate the mix on your personal computer…so you don’t have to assemble anything. You will end up with the songs in the mix (source content) and a seperate mix file, just like it sounds on legitmix! The whole assembly process takes only a few seconds:)

4) Can I modify, add voice overs or sfx to a Premade Cheer Mix?

Answer: Yes! After you purchase your mix using the legitmix software, which allows you to buy your cheer music safely and legally you can purchase Voice Overs and Sound Effects or Fixes and Edits.  Our producers will add your requested Voice Overs and Sound Effects to your premade mix and send you a pickup link.

5) Is it possible to have multiple mixes combined with SFX and Voiceovers?

Answer: Absolutely:) What you’re looking for is a Custom Premade Cheer Mix!

Send request to info@premadecheermixes.com

6) I can’t figure out how to download the mix, am I crazy?

Answer: No…You’re not crazy.  We use a new technology and the first time you try it things may seem a little different than what you’re used to.  Make no mistake, this is the legal way to get your cheer music.  If you can’t seem to get your legitmix to sync up with your computer (tech questions) or if a song has a bad link, contact neal@legitmix.com and he will get back to you and help you out:)

*All mix transfers/downloads will be conducted using the legitmix software


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