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Premade Cheer Mixes features a collection of over 500 different cheer mixes. Whether you are a cheerleader or cheerleading coach, every good routine must be accompanied by a professional mix. Remarkably, the price range is only between $3 and $24, as we are dedicated to providing a cost effective solution to all of your cheer mixing needs. We understand that quality and affordability are key.


We offer a variety of different accommodations, including voice overs and sound effects. For an additional $10, you can add voice overs after downloading the song of your choice. Simply choose your voice over option, instruct us on exactly what to say, and we will provide you with a clear, loud voice over, along with the song of your choice. Typical processing time is within 5 days. You can add a hint of fun to your mixes with professional sound effects, as well.


How To Purchase Cheer Mixes


The process is easy. The first step is to simply browse the cheer mixes in order to conceive a better idea of what you need. After you have registered and logged in, you will notice a premade cheer mixes menu option.


Once you have completed this step, determine which song/mix to purchase.. Always purchase the source content (songs used in the mix) first. We only adhere to the most legal means of providing music.


Why You Should Purchase Our Mixes


Firstly, we are legal, and you can always ensure that the music content you are provided is obtained safely and securely. Furthermore, we utilize the legitmix software, which means that you will not be required to reassemble the mix once it is on your computer. The software will take care of this for you. You will be provided with both the individual songs, and the mix itself.


What’s great is that after you receive your music and purchase it legally, you can add modifications, as well as voice overs. Simply contact the reputable producers of our company, and they will integrate the voice overs and sound effects into your music exactly as you requested.


Remember, we uphold certain principles in order to ensure optimal customer service, and maintaining the highest levels of customer satisfaction. We will always provide sound quality of the highest possible caliber. Every cheer mix you purchase will reflect professional appeal and clarity.

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